Furuno WR110 Weather Radar

Furuno WR110 Weather Radar


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WR110(Single polarimetricDoppler Weather radar)

Brochure: WR110_E_190828.pdf (furuno.com)


Furuno's compact X band weather radar is one of the smallest and lightest weather radars in the world with a diameter of about 1 m and weighs 68 kg. It not only saves space and allows for manually installation in existing works, but also significantly reduces installation costs and construction time. Unlike the usual C band radars, it allows accurate observation of precipitation in a narrow observation area. It can be installed in urban and mountainous areas and allows response to local disasters such as heavy rains. In addition, the low-cost, low-power design will allow it to be introduced to governments, centrally run cities, research institutes and private companies in developing countries.

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