Katadyn First Response Gravity Filter 3L

Katadyn Product Inc.

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Mô tả sản phẩm
Trạng tháiMới
Nguồn gốcSwitzerland
Bảo hành2 years warranty
Phân phối bởiKatadyn Singapore

Type: Fresh Water

Katadyn First Response Gravity Filter 3L is an emergency filter for families and small groups in temporary need of water filtration solution. Due to gravity, water flows through the filter without additional need of energy. The EZ-Clean Membrane reliably filters bacteria, cysts and sediments and provides a flow rate of 2L/min.

The cleanable filter protector lengthens element lifetime to up to 1'000L of water, depending on the water quality. Also suitable for cloudy/turbid water. 

The outlet hose is removable with auto shut-off to avoid cross contamination during refilling. The integrated bail handle on the nozzle simplfies filling. The practical carry strap makes fetching water from the source easier.

Compact, foldable and lightweight product with minimised packaging material for very efficient pallet shipment

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