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Type: Food & Nutrition

VolumeApprox. 100g/piece

Quantity 30 pieces

BOSAI FOODS of VEGANV Aid Breadis the world's first emergency food for vegans developed Meat Free Monday All Japan (MFMAJ) supervised.

The first step was to carefully select the ingredients and achieve the following: no eggs, no milk, no white sugar, no honey, no soy, no palm oil, no trans fatty acids, and no chemical seasonings. In addition, as a safe and reliable emergency food, it is also free of 25 allergens, excluding flour, sesame seeds, and almonds, which makes it a very tasty emergency bread that is eaten by vegans, vegetarians, allergy sufferers, naturalists and almost everyone in the world. 


Features ofPeople- & Earth-friendly BOSAI FOODS of VEGAN “V Aid Bread”

Light and easy to handle in a barrier packaging form

Made by placing dough in a special heat-resistant paper cup, fermenting and baking it as it is. After cooling, the product is placed in a zippered aluminum foil bag.

The paper cup is perforated with a spiral pattern, so that, even in poor sanitary conditions during emergencies, you can eat bread while peeling the paper cup without touching it with your hands.

After you finish eating, the aluminum foil can be easily thrown away with papers as burnable trash. It is an environmentally friendly product with no hassle or danger.



Product size / Weight

Product size: width 16.0 x depth 6.5 x height 21.0cm

Packaging size per set: width 49.3 x depth 40.9 x height 19.5cm

Total set weight: Approximately 4510g

Manufacture and sales

Manufacturer: TOKYO FINE FOODS

・Made in: Japan


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